Lightcraft Jetset

+ Ultralight Virtual Production

+ Ultrafast Automated VFX Post Production

+ Make Shows, Not Shots

+ Your Camera, Your Lenses, Your iPhone

Lightcraft Jetset lets a tiny team tackle a project that previously would require an LED wall.

Jetset includes markerless camera tracking, real-time compositing, HD & 4K shooting, AI matting, 3D scene locators for live action linking, blue and green screen keying, ghost mode, depth capture, take metadata recording, remote monitoring and control, animated scenes, set scans, lens offset, lens calibration, and an integrated web server to handle wireless file sync with Autoshot.

Jetset Pro

Virtual Production with iPhone/iPad

+ Pro grade virtual production in 189 grams

+ Shoot up to 4K video

+ Works like a camera - just pick it up and go

+ Full file compatibility with Autoshot

+ Perfect for previs, planning, and light production

Jetset Pro -- $20/mo, $200/year

Jetset Cine

Virtual Production with Your Camera

+ Full cine camera based virtual production

+ Accurate lens calibration without boards

+ Automatic frame sync to 24/25 fps

+ Calibrates using a $179 Accsoon HDMI adapter

+ Or using a $349 Accsoon SDI adapter

Jetset Cine -- $80/mo, $800/year

Autoshot Automatic Shot Integration
The Missing Link of VFX Post

Big VFX facilities know that automation is the key to delivering a show instead of a few shots.

We're bringing this kind of power to small teams, using the hardware they have, and at a breakthrough low price.

Autoshot and Jetset work together seamlessly.

Everything you shoot, including tracking and all other metadata, comes into Autoshot and is transformed into a Blender or Unreal 2D + 3D VFX shot.

Unleash Unreal. Easily.

Unreal Engine's real-time rendering power has redefined live action filmmaking, but with a learning curve as formidable as its output.

Autoshot jump-starts your Unreal project by automatically turning your Jetset takes into integrated Unreal shots, including animated cameras and image planes in Level Sequences, high quality blue and green screen keyers, and even accurate live action reflections in CG worlds!

All at the push of a button (well, pretty close.)

Autoshot Blends!

Blender is synonymous with 3D creation, but to date has not been associated with virtual production. We intend to change that.

Using every piece of Blender's most recent developments, including the Viewport Compositor, EEVE-Next, and the production USD exporter, Jetset and Autoshot combine with Blender to make a complete virtual production toolchain - from previs and production planning , through production, and into post production.

Take Your Shot

+ Go from script to screen without anyone's permission

+ Shoot in your living room or a big production stage

+ Create elaborate scenes with tiny budgets

+ Make it like Hollywood - without the complexity or cost

Sets and locations are a huge cost for independent filmmakers. Make them digital and you make them beautiful and affordable.

Use Jetset and Afterburner and you can harness this 3D power right in your iPhone and iPad, and right on your desktop computer.

Zorig is a movie by Kyle Dell'Aquila and Khat Zorig.