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Lightcraft Jetset:

Unified Virtual Production

Run it for free on your iPhone

Lightcraft Jetset:

Unified Virtual Production

Run it for free on your iPhone

Lightcraft Jetset unifies virtual production, bringing people and technology together to make great movies and shows.

+ Full 6 degrees of freedom camera tracking

+ Real-time 3D rendering on the iPhone

+ Blue screen/green screen/AI matting

+ Automated transfer of all metadata for post

+ Automatically connects to your favorite apps

+ Uses the popular Universal Scene Description model

Lightcraft Jetset lets anyone, anywhere make and edit HD virtual productions for free by shooting with their iPhone or iPad.

Two Upgrades for Cinematographers

Jetset Pro

4K Shooting with Live Unreal Preview


+ 4K UHD recording

+ Live render preview with Unreal

+ Remote video monitoring

+ Remote animation controls

+ 3D set scanning

+ Optical origin detection

Jetset Pro -- $20/mo, $200/year

Jetset Cine

Virtual Production with Your Camera


+ Full cine camera based virtual production

+ Accurate lens calibration without boards

+ Automatic frame sync to 23.98, 24, 25 fps

+ Calibrates using a $179 Accsoon HDMI adapter

+ Or using a $349 Accsoon SDI adapter

Jetset Cine -- $80/mo, $800/year


The Hub of Unified Virtual Production

Autoshot Diagram

Autoshot is a PC program (Mac version coming) that automates the post production process.

+ Wirelessly syncs with the iPhone to pull over all of it's video and metadata.

+ Examines the camera originals to match their associated tracking data.

+ Provides a choice of AI matting programs.

+ Generates full quality renders automatically from Unreal or Blender

+ Exports USDZ files for use in Jetset.

+ Creates sessions in your favorite post production apps using Autoshot Bridges

Unleash Unreal. Easily.

Unreal Engine's real-time rendering power has redefined live action filmmaking, but with a learning curve as formidable as its output.

Autoshot jump-starts your Unreal project by automatically turning your Jetset takes into integrated Unreal shots, including animated cameras and image planes in Level Sequences, high quality blue and green screen keyers, and even accurate live action reflections in CG worlds!

All at the push of a button (well, pretty close).

Live Render Preview
(Pro & Cine)

Jetset renders in the iPhone for the lowest possible latency during shooting. Still, cinematographers want to see what their finished shot will look like to match lighting and understand composition. Jetset's Live Render Preview shows you this information in.

Live image from main camera

Two people with green screen

Real-time composite from Unreal

Two people on top of building showing green screen effects
Blender Enters Virtual Production
Screenshot of Autoshot blender

Blender is synonymous with 3D creation, but to date has not been associated with virtual production. We intend to change that.

Using every piece of Blender's most recent developments, including the Viewport Compositor, EEVEE-Next, and the production USD exporter, Jetset and Autoshot combine with Blender to make a complete virtual production toolchain - from previs and production planning , through production, and into post production.

All at the push of a button (well, pretty close).

Take Your Shot

+ Go from script to screen without anyone's permission

+ Shoot in your living room or a big production stage

+ Create elaborate scenes with tiny budgets

+ Make it like Hollywood - without the complexity or cost

Sets and locations are a huge cost for independent filmmakers. Make them digital and you make them beautiful and affordable.

Use Jetset and Autoshot and you can harness this 3D power right in your iPhone and iPad, and right on your desktop computer.

Zorig is a movie by Kyle Dell & Aquila and Khat Zorig.