Lightcraft Jetset
A Movie Studio in Your Pocket

Lightcraft Jetset brings the power of advanced virtual production to anyone with an iPhone or iPad.

This scene of a futuristic train barrelling through the Australian outback was shot outdoors on a grassy berm using an iPad at the beach in Santa Monica, California.

The fight scenes took place on soft grass, and the matte was automatically generated in the iPad using AI techniques.

The iPhone or iPad shows you a real time composite of your action foreground with your 3D background. It's just like shooting in the real world, except Jetset magically sees your desired background and figures out how to combine the live action.
Meanwhile, you can shoot in the places you have. In a park, in a back yard, or in your house. You can shoot with or without a green screen. You can see here that there is no green screen so the matting was done with AI tools.
Lightcraft Autoshot:
Final Pixels Made Easy
Virtual production is all about “selling the shot.” Do viewers only see the story and not your VFX techniques? For this, your final pixels have to do their job. Lightcraft Autoshot gives you a full Hollywood-style VFX pipeline on your desktop.
Autoshot uses free tools such as Blender, Unreal, Davinci Resolve and many more. With easy two and three-minute tutorials we show you how to put everything together to build your own VFX pipeline that lets you do what Hollywood does, but for a tiny fraction of the cost.
Autoshot Uses the Power of Blender
Blender does so much more than 3D and we bring that power to you. For example Autoshot does compositing in 3D, using the new real time compositor that was just released. We use this power to do amazingly good keying even if you just taped a green cloth to the wall.
Greenlight Your Own Movies
Don't wait for money. You can shoot now.
Sets and locations are a huge cost for independent filmmakers. Make them digital and you make them beautiful and affordable. Use Jetset and Autoshot and you can harness this 3D power right in your iPhone and iPad, and right on your desktop computer. Zorig is a movie by Kyle Dell'Aquila and Khat Zorig. Coming to theaters near you in 2023.
Pre-Viz a Scene
Create your movie in your livingroom.
Now you can make movies by constantly trying things out and see what's great.

Just load your background in to Jetset and start shooting. Any green screen will do the job, or you can even shoot with no green screen and rely on the AI matting in iOS.

If you like a shot, up the quallity dramatically using Autoshot.